INSPIRE is a new platform for esports.

It is built by experienced developers and admins of Alpha sc2 team league, the biggest league in StarCraft 2 which has just turned 5 years. During this period we implemented a lot of cool features for the community, hosted more than 50 tournaments and special events. At one point we decided to share our knowledge and experience with other organizers who want to host their own tourneys using the best tools.

In this intention we developed Spire and now you can join the alpha test. Step by step we will be adding a lot of new features. On the list below you can see what will our service consist of.


User Profiles
Personal page for every user of the platform.
Clubs and Teams
Management system for your esports organization
Powerful tool for organizing custom games.
Markdown editor
Create custom descriptions for your club, team, org and tournaments
Organizers & Tournaments
Entity of tournaments and light bringing organizers :)
Double elimination
A new format of tournaments
External notifications
Get spire notifications in your messengers (Discord, Telegram, etc)
Match rescheduling system
Reschedule your match in two clicks
New match formats
Create your custom match format using our new flexible system
Special kind of matches for top players and teams which are going to show up on organizer’s page and can be grouped in series
Tournament series
Group your events into series for more comfortable experience
Mobile web version and Apps
Check out tournaments and matches everywhere
Profile enhancements
Flex with your custom decorated profile
Statistics pages
Internal Spire statistics for users, clubs, teams and orgs
Static pages
Additional pages for supplemental information of clubs/teams/organizers
Custom translations
Use different languages, slang and jokes to personalize your club, organizer or tournament pages. Up to you :)
Advanced permissions & roles management
Add your own roles with custom pack of permissions
Social media integrations
Insert social media widget integrated with your news feeds
White labels
Use Spire as an engine for your standalone website with your domain name, reduced Spire branding, custom design and so on.
Mobile devices are not temporarily supported