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Profiles for clubs
and organizers
These pages show the staff, rosters, list of matches, tournaments, etc. Summary as it is.
Role system
Using this feature the owner can set up a strong team of admins.
Different tournament formats
Single/double elimination, multiple group stages and combinations. Custom map pools, privacy and other options.
Match pages
Every match has its own page with detailed info about match format, lineups, score, etc.
Several ways to pick maps
It can be a predefined order, random one or a negotiation before the match, which allows to ban and select maps from map pool.
Scheduling system
You can either set an exact match date or allow players to decide when to start.
Requests to opponents
Players and teams can send a match rescheduling and/or a player substitution request. The action will happen once their opponents accept the request.
Attached streams right on the tournament and match pages.
External notifications
A useful feature that will help you to stay tuned, getting notifications in Discord and/or telegram.
Unique feature for organizing custom matches between players and teams.
PartnershipCo-financing offerSpire.gg is ready to become a sponsor for your tournaments.
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